Friday, February 23, 2007

Designer Dogs?

What's all the hype over the latest and greatest breeds of designer dogs? Labradoodles, goldendoodles, puggles, cockapoos, boggles. While people are paying hundreds, maybe thousands, for a special new breed of dog, we've got a ton of them right here at the shelter, but we usually call 'em mutts or mixed breeds.

They aren't "pure" Golden Retrievers or Labs, rather a hybrid of some pretty great dogs and adopting one won't take a chunk out of your savings.

Here are some of the "new" breeds we tend to see at the shelter:

Labrotties (lab, rottie mixes)
Shepradors (lab, shepherd mixes)
Chowperds (shepherd, chow mixes)
Hybrahounds (hound mixes)
Chorkies (chihuahua, yorkie mixes)
Shuskies (shepherd, husky mixes)
Berriers (beagle, terrier mixes)

But we're always meeting some even more interesting blends so stop by your local shelter for the most unique breed of loyal companion that won't break the bank!

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