Thursday, March 08, 2007

In-Home Breeding Alternatives

A recent story about Yorkie pups that were advertised for sale and then stolen, at gunpoint, raises some real questions in my mind. This story certainly calls to mind the dangers of advertising and selling anything out of your home, but many of the comments I read suggest that dogs should not be bred and sold at all and some say that dogs should only be sold in puppy stores, both of which raise further questions, in my mind.

I, too, obviously believe in spaying and neutering all pets and, of course, knowing how many homeless pets are out there, am not a proponent of any kind of breeding of animals. But I am also realistic enough to know that, despite my wish, not everyone is going to adopt a homeless dog from an animal shelter.

So, what is the alternative to home breeding and selling? Puppy stores? Aren't these the places that get so much of their stock from puppy mills? And aren't puppy mills often guilty of overbreeding, inbreeding, poor care, overcrowded cages and neglect?

So, while so many chastise this family for breeding dogs, charging outrageous prices for them, and selling them out of their home, maybe we should consider the alternative.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, to an extent. I got my first Chihuahua from a pet store, traced him back to a NJ puppy mill. My second (girl Chi) and my third (boy chi) came from a "back-yard" breeders, I got to see both sets of parents and meet people who love the breed enough to put money into making sure the litter survives. I myself did a litter, I wanted to experience everything about being a responsible breeder, this included a six hour stay at the emergency vet clinic until 3:30 in the morning to make sure my girl had no problems. We ended up keeping three of the five pups, the other two went to my inlaws. Give me the "back-yard" breeder who cares about the breed and about the health and well-being of their breeding dogs.