Monday, April 16, 2007

Pet Food: The Alternatives

While the news about this alarming pet food recall doesn't seem to be subsiding, there does seem to be hope in the headlines for desperate pet owners trying to protect their beloved companions. The headlines lately, are focusing on alternatives for so many pet owners at a loss for finding safe nourishment for their furry friends. While I am not a veterinarian and do not specialize in what is best for Fido or Fluffy's health, I can bring you the news I have found on supposedly safe alternatives.

Here are the latest headlines:

Pet owners choosing locally made pet food

Basic recipes for homemade dog, cat food

Business booms in alternative pet food sources

After recall, pet owners go gourmet

Feeding dogs' inner beast
Orders jump for Winter Park firm's raw-meat food

It is good to see that information on what TO do is now as readily available to pet owners as what NOT to do.

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jeanmcrawford said...

the recipe link has expired - it would be nice to have some dog & cat food recipes