Monday, May 14, 2007

In the Lap of Luxury

When's the last time you went on an expensive vacation to a posh resort only to feel guilty about leaving Fido or Fluffy in a stark, no-frills boarding kennel? If this feeling is all too familiar, consider the latest luxurious pet hotels.

The Wag Hotel, just opened in San Francisco, is a luxury "hotel" just for pets. "Guests" of the hotel enjoy an array of perks including doggie facials, an indoor pool, a rooftop garden to romp, and plasma TVs in each room--kennel. And, thanks to cameras in every room, guardians of guests of the Wag Hotel, may also drop in for a virtual visit. At $45 to $85 a night, the pet hotel might be a nice alternative to your typical boarding kennel.

Don't live in the San Fran area? No worries, many new luxury boarding kennels have opened across the Country in the recent years. In our area (DC) we are fortunate to have the Olde Towne Pet Resort, where DC pets enjoy the same perks as those in the Bay area. Not too shabby.

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Anonymous said...

Well my Charlotte has never been left in a luxury kennel but she has stayed in a luxury hotel. All the Loews Hotels welcome pets - not just tolerate them but welcome them! We've gone back a number of times - they always remember Charlotte's name (not mine though).