Monday, June 04, 2007

Michael Vick & Dog Fighting

It began in April when investigators, based on reports of alleged dog fighting, searched the Virginia home of Atlanta Falcons' Quarterback Michael Vick and found three buildings of neglected dogs behind the home. Due to the severe nature of this crime and this high-profile suspect, the case has escalated, bringing the horrors of dog fighting and the ignorance of those involved into the public eye.

While Vick claims to not reside at the Virginia home, various reports have suggested that he has been involved in dog fighting for quite a while, placing bets on and attending dog fights.

Others have defended him, including Washington Redskins' Clinton Portis who claims that it's his business and the dogs are his property and that he should be able to do what he likes with the dogs. Since Portis' comments, the Redskins have had the good sense to apologize for Portis' remarks.

It is a sad state of affairs when our society cannot see what is wrong with dog fighting. It is cruel and unjust, causing undue animal suffering for what, entertainment purposes? Dogs, including pit bulls, are typically most interested in pleasing their guardians and dog fighters are exploiting the loyal nature of these dogs to create violent animals who suffer severe abuse, neglect and injury.

It is even sadder when "role models" like Vick and Portis cannot step out of their own, selfish ways to see the damage they are doing with their statements and their actions.

I hate to waste my time going on about why dog fighting is and should be illegal. As far as I'm concerned, a decent human being can figure this out all on his own. If, however, these reasons are not apparent to you, please take a moment to consult the following information to educate yourself on exactly what is so horrible, sadistic and sickening about dog fighting:
Underworld of Dog Fighting
Dog Fighting Fact Sheet

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