Monday, September 24, 2007

Blessing of the Animals

Each October near the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi churches throughout the world hold a special Blessing of the Animals service.

This custom is conducted in remembrance of St. Francis of Assisi's love for all creatures. In the Arlington, Virginia area a Blessing of the Animals will take place at the Arlington Presbyterian Church at 3507 Columbia Pike in Arlington on October 6 at 5:00 p.m.

Some people may think that there are many more serious problems in the world to warrant a special service, but caring for and honoring the creatures with which we live is a good step toward making our world better.

Albert Schweitzer said, "Compassion, in which all ethics must take root, can only attain its full breadth and depth if it embraces all living creatures and does not limit itself to mankind."

Whether we attend a religious service or not, the first week in October is a good time to remember all the creatures that share our world and to renew our commitment to be compassionate toward all living beings.

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