Thursday, February 07, 2008

Indoor Dog Parks

Anyone who has ever been to a dog park knows how much fun pooches have prancing about, sans leashes, and pouncing on one another. Doggie day care, at least the ones I have seen, are much like indoor dog parks. The catch? They're not free and owners are not typically present to witness the fun. That's why indoor dog parks are a great idea! One indoor dog park has opened in Woodbridge, Virginia. Professional Paws Daycare allows residents to bring their pooches to their 6000 square foot area for a romp. Owners must be present to enjoy the sight, but it's not free -- $15 per session. Might be fun for Fido but wouldn't a free indoor dog park be even better?


Contributor said...

Indoor parks are expensive. Is we dog owners don't pay, then all tax payers would have to. Why does that make sense?

If dog owners got a free indoor park, well what about tennis players or frisbee players or hockey players? Indoor parks are scarce. They are called community centers and you generally have pay to use them? Why would dog owners get special treatment?

Good for arlington for having so many outdoor parks for everyone - bikers, football players, soccer, frisbee golf and dogs. These parks are the core of arl community.

But free indoor dog parks??? Its an idea out of touch w economic reality.

Animal Welfare League of Arlington said...

Yes, we are lucky in Arlington to have several outdoor dog parks -- much appreciated.

Of course indoor dog parks cost money, but it certainly doesn't hurt to wish we had a free indoor dog park without actually expecting one! ;)

Anonymous said...

I want to open an indoor park. As a dog owner, I've tried the outdoor parks. Too hard to drive to, dog gets dirty, I live Flordia where it's hot 9 months a year, pests i.e. fleas, ticks and heartworm carrying mosquitos flourish all year. We have outdoor parks, spas and daycare. No park indoors. Patrons of PetsMart walk around with their dogs as do I just to have a cool clean place to socialize with your dog. We don't need another PetsMart but a place like that where you could bring your labrador and give him a bath while you're there would be great. No more mess at home especially for condo dwellers. Outdoor parks provide these cleaning stations. But these would be for convenience, not necessity because your dog was filthy from playing in the park. Patrons bring their own towels, shampoo etc. Generally same rules of behavior would apply as outdoor facilites. This would not be a drop off place. It could evolve into that since it would need to be in a location convenient for the owner to shop, some what like where a typical PetsMart store is located. Try to make it a place where you don't need a membership, you just drop in when you feel like it. Pay a reasonable fee so the average person could make frequent visits. Outdoor parks are not convenient, clean or affordable. And it's hot in North Florida. Minimal staff would be needed. Owner operated most likely. Clean hard floor, few lawn chairs and picnic tables. Be open when the working dog owner or elderly person wants to sit and watch fido play. Bring your own baggies and paper towels etc. Provide doggie appropriate play ground equipment, maybe a wading pool. And a place to clean your pet before you leave if you need to. Some place that was cool when it's hot outside, clean unlike outdoor parks, safe, convenient location, drop in anytime business hours. I see a need for this and am willing to give it a go. Any suggestions or criticism?

Anonymous said...

I, too, am interested in opening an indoor dog park in Texas. I have the same sentiments about outdoor parks as you. I have been brainstorming ideas for a year now and am trying to put things into action. I know that dog owners would love and take advantage of the park, however, I am beginning to worry if the indoor dog park alone would be profitable enough. Would I be forced to offer day care in order to make enough money to survive. It's not the image that I had in mind. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I too have had this idea floating around in my had for a few years now as well. I live in Seattle, and heat isn't the problem. It's the rainy season that keeps us all from going out in the winter months.

It's a great idea that would get a ton of use. I don't think it needs to be free, as nothing is really "free". We pay for all those parks in one way or another. Personally I know I would pay a small fee to have an indoor dog park available for me and my 3 pooches to use when the weather isn't so agreeable.

Anonymous said...

I too have had the idea for an indoor dog park for a while now! Maybe have a coffee bar there too.

If I had the money, I would open the indoor park and charge a small fee for usage. It would be on a drop-in basis, no membership required.

I also live in Seattle, and hate to take my dog Gracie to play in the rain and mud.

Anonymous said...

I also have been kicking around the idea of an indoor dog park,
we live in South Dakota and have 5 boxers, who love to be walked, and run,but it gets so cold here in the winter, there walks are few an far between,
I think a small fee to use it would be a good idea, I would have a washing station and grooming avalible,
I have some money saved for start up costs, but its finding the right location, as we live in a very small town, im not sure it would work here , im still checking things out,

any imput would be helpful