Monday, March 24, 2008

Good news for dogs...

From the VA SPCA, good news for dogs...

All three bills: puppy mill regulation, dog and cock fighting prohibitions and posting of bond by owners for seized animals have passed out of both Houses. House Bill 538 has to go back to the House from the Senate to accept the Senate amendment but hopefully that will happen this week.

The animal fighting bill, House Bill 656 came out of Senate unanimously as did House Bill 999, which requires the posting of a bond. The Puppy Mill regulation bill, House Bill 538 has had a somewhat more difficult fight but that is to be expected. It came out of the Senate 34-5 today. This bill was developed and promoted by a few of us in the Virginia animal welfare world and didn’t have the same “sexy” quality that the Vick case brought to dog fighting… and we didn’t have paid lobbyists supporting it, we just had you. The success of this bill is due entirely to the calls and letters and emails you all sent to your elected officials. This is a new area of regulation in Virginia and a bold step for which you should all feel proud.

If you go onto the Legislative website,, you can look at any of these bills, how they moved through the process and who voted for them. You can click on Bills and Resolutions, then Most Frequently Accessed, you will find House Bill 538 and then House Bill 656 were nos. 3 & 4, after the budget bills. That is testament to the citizens’ interest, pro and con, on these important matters.

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