Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Pet owners know that thunderstorms can be quite traumatic for pets. Some pets get a little nervous while other completely freak out. I remember a time when I was sitting for an adorable golden-chow mix named Bear, when a thunderstorm headed our way. I hadn't had much experience with dogs freaking out during storms before this, my dog could barely hear the storm enough to get upset, so I was a little upset, myself! The storm hadn't even made it to us yet and Bear became very clingy and nervous. I had no idea what was going on and didn't even know a storm was on the way yet. But once it hit us, poor Bear completely lost it and the only thing I could do was let this 100 pound dog sit in my lap while i wrapped my arms around him. If I so much as loosened my arms, he started shaking and going crazy again. So I sat there, arms wrapped tight around Bear until the storm passed. I felt just terrible for this typically brave dog and couldn't imagine what he might have done had I not been there to see him through the storm.

I'm sure that many have similar experience with their dogs and cats. I suppose this is why there is so much advice available for treating what some call thunderphobia. There are also various medications available, even homeopathic treatments.

Medications and treatments aside, it looks like the top bits if advice are to allow your pet to find a place that he or she feels is safe such as a crate or basement; keep your pet by your side and comfort him through the storm; or distract your pet with toys, games or music.

It's probably best to consult with your veterinarian before administering any kind of medication but remember, there's no substitute for the comfort and affection a loving owner can offer to a pet in distress.

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