Monday, October 23, 2006

The Poop on a Cool Product

Has your dog ever had a case of the runs? If you own (are a guardian of) a dog it's a good chance the answer is yes. If you live in one of many communities that, by law, you are required to pick up after your pet or if you are visiting your local dog park, what exactly do you do when your pooch's poop is less than pickupable?

It's not a pretty site, or smell. You've got one hand in your baggie and the other crossing your fingers hoping there are no holes in the bag. You attempt to pick it all up but it sticks to the blades of the grass that surround it. What do you do? Do you leave the mess and hope no one saw or do you begin to pull at the grass, leaving a gaping hole of dirt?

POOP-FREEZE(TM) just might be the answer. This product claims to instantly freezes the poop to harden the surface for easy pick up. Unfortunately, your local pet stores don't seem to be carrying this product yet, but it is available for online orders for $9.95 to $14.95 plus shipping.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't tried it yet, either, but would love to hear from someone who has!