Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good News for Rabbits

The House Rabbit Society has announced that Petsmart is ending its "test" of selling baby rabbits in its stores. The Society states,

We have heard that it was because of the vocal opposition of animal lovers across the United States that they have reconsidered their choice. Please thank PetSmart for their decision, and let them know that it was the right choice. Please address your thanks to PetSmart care of:
John Alpaugh Vice President,
Specialty Merchandising19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027(623) 580-6100

Although I could find nothing about this decision on Petsmart's Web site, I'm trusting that the House Rabbit Society knows what they're talking about. This is great encouragement for those who spoke out against the ill-conceived "test" of selling rabbits. There are plenty of rabbits already in shelters and rescue groups that need homes. No one needs to buy a rabbit.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear this. I wrote a letter to the CEO of PetSmart, but never heard back. I have four rabbits adopted from the Arlington and Alexandria AWLAs. Is it too much to hope that PetSmart will stop selling other critters?

Anonymous said...

Letter from PetsMart to The House Rabbit Society:

As you know, we've been conducting in-market research of spayed and neutered dwarf rabbits in about 25 of our more than 1,000 stores since July.

As a matter of policy, we conduct sales trials in a limited number of stores before we offer any new pets to customers on a larger scale. This gives us a real-world view of a variety of issues we must carefully weigh and balance.
These trials are in the best interest of the business, and, more
importantly, the pets.

In this project we’ve carefully evaluated breeding and husbandry practices,transportation, store care, associate training, customer demand and a host of other issues.

We consider the test successful because of what we learned. We're
particularly pleased with the high quality care the rabbits received from our vendors and our associates. We're equally confident that the rabbits
we've sold went to good homes.

However, we failed to achieve our business objectives. So, at this time, we’re not expanding the test and will not continue to sell dwarf rabbits beyond those already in or planned for our stores. As we phase out of this project, we'll continue to ensure these
remaining rabbits are cared for properly and sold to good, responsible pet parents.

We continue to welcome rabbit adoptions in our stores as we did prior to and during this project in keeping with our commitment to finding homes for homeless pets. We encourage you or your partners who shelter homeless rabbits to make the most of the adoption services we provide in our stores.