Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heartworm Prevention Reminder

I was once given the most valuable freebie ever, at least the most valuable for pet owners. This giveaway was better, in my opinion, than any logo pen, magnet, sticker, can lid, or jar opener. It was a magnet reminder for my dog's heartworm medication. Each month it would beep to notify me that it was time for a fresh heartworm preventative chew. Upon giving the treat to my dog I would then simply press a little button and it would be silent until the same day the next month. Before that I kept a calendar on the fridge and, dutifully, put the stickers on each day of the month, but there was nothing to remind me to check the calendar. I would recommend a gadget like this for any dog owner, if I could only find another one like it.

In lieu of such a cool, no-hassle, free gadget like this, some companies do offer an email reminder service -- not a bad idea. Revolution and Heartgard allow you to apply for a membership for an email reminder each month. Why not take advantage of this? Of course, if anyone can find a fridge magnet reminder, please share with the rest of us who could use a little no-hassle reminder to make our lives, and Fido's, just a little bit easier.

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