Monday, January 29, 2007

Active Dogs, Inactive Owners

Think daily walks or a game of fetch is enough to burn off your dog's energy? Think again. Looks like we can't seem to find enough time to devote to our dogs' exercise needs. In turn, we have resorted to investing in equipment designed to increase our dog's activity and, well, decrease our own. The dog-powered scooter is the urban answer to mushing. Hook up your dog, hop on, and your off. Now there's a doggie treadmill?

Really, how lazy or busy must we be if we can't hop off the couch long enough to take our pooches for a good stroll?


Justin said...

A walk is a must for a dog...otherwise the chances of obesity are tremendous!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is so much more to urban mushing than just 'hooking the dog up and jumping on.' We use a different type of scooter, a Diggler, and use the harnesses and lines the actual dog mushers use. Our working dogs (sibes) are not only getting a physical workout, which they very much love and need, they are getting mental stimuation as well. Believe me, we are not 'lazy' or taking the lazy way out of exercising our dogs...we spend hours and hours each week training them and when there is snow, we dog sled with them. The dogs absolutely love it and we do too.