Monday, January 29, 2007

Behavior Issue or Health Risk?

It's a sad story but so often a true one -- pet owners giving up there once faithful, loving, well-behaved companions because of sudden behavior problems. It's especially sad when the pet is euthanized for a behavior issue that stems from an undetected health problem.

Thyroid issues, specifically hyperthyroidism, often cause an increase in energy that may make a cat or dog overly hyperactive. Unknown aches and pains can cause pets to snap at just a touch. And, as we often see at the Arlington animal shelter, something as simple as a urinary tract infection can cause a once-perfectly-potty-trained kitty to quit using the litterbox.

While it is quite obviously important to seek veterinary care when such behavior issues occur, it is extremely important to seek care right away, before these behavior issues become unbreakable habits.

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